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  1. Bitconnect Platform says

    I find it hard to believe this guys invested in bitcoin when he doesnt understand bitcoin. He has no idea the developments that are coming.

  2. Milan Pintar says

    what? if you spend your bitcoins on shares you’ll get dividends too like other share holders

  3. Shane Skull says

    I wonder how long Bloomberg had to search for someone to say developers were losing in crypto, lol. As a programmer I haven't seen this much developer excitement and optimism since the Netscape browser came out in the mid 90s.

  4. derty QWERTY says

    This guy just said half the people mining and doing crypto are teenagers (laughably wrong), and then said none of them are over 30. The guy is beyond clueless, he clearly is talking out of his lower cavity. This guy spends more time in line at fast food places than he does researching what he is going to talk about on international tv networks

  5. covington vodka says

    finally Bloomberg! you brought on a guy that "gets it"…thank you

  6. Frank Hernandez says

    These people dont get it. Real crypto info is easy to find here on YouTube. Stay away from Bloomberg

  7. Marius Landman says

    Sounds to me like a puppet on mainstream fake media.

  8. god channelled says

    Worldwide currency in a few years..

  9. Barry W says

    If he had 2% of Bitcoin he made more money than all his investments…and he is a liar…

  10. Dimitri D says

    All the banks, media and haters of all coins hates because “They didn’t see it coming so fast”
    If bitcoin is a trash why do all big companies are accepting bitcoin payment.

  11. Anon Moto says

    FTP! whoooo guy knows his shit.

  12. Anon Moto says

    home dude doesn't know about Lightning Network. Just fucking wait bitches!

  13. Eric Helfrich says

    Aaron, try to stop eating ok?

  14. Mr. Spontaneous says

    invest in iota here > that have an awesome referral program ! sign up and refer your friends! <3

  15. MFB AW says

    The developers are entering the equivalent to what homeschooling has been providing families for their children. The destructive authority suppressing creative minds coming from the bankster mentality is giving way to a prosperous space in society. People involved in the technology get to be inspired and love what they are doing. And this they will hand down to a society that will receive the fruits of their labor. So, lets see who gets to learn how to work with healthier energy and who gets to be greedy.

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